Completion Contractors

Lots of contractors are great at starting jobs. That’s precisely why there’s Completion Contractors, Inc.®

Contractor defaults. Surety claims. Construction defects. Special assets and REO’s. There are hundreds of reasons why both public and private construction projects sit idle. But at a certain point, the focus shifts from all the reasons why you're sitting on unfinished construction to what you’re going to do about it. From Construction Turnarounds and Construction Management to Special Asset Consulting and General Contracting, Completion Contractors, Inc.® has the experience and resources to turnaround your unfinished construction project swiftly, reliably and cost-effectively. Unique amongst contractors, Completion Contractors, Inc.® provides sureties, insurance companies, banks and REO investors the special asset consulting expertise and the construction turnaround experience to, well, to put it plainly, to get it done.


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